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Welcome to Neonatal Nursing Network of India

Neonatal Nursing Network of India (NNNIndia) is all about getting all the neonatal Nurses connected within India, and later we would also be getting the International Nurses involved . It is to make the Nurses knitted close together where they could share their experiences , researches, procedures, ideas and views.
Right Now there is no platform for the NICU Nurses.
With NNNI the NICU Nurses can join hands in uplifting the quality of care in new borns.
Apart from nurses being benefitted it is also the parents and families who are able to take back healthy babies. So if the standard of care is raised then the community is benefited from this approach.

Neonatal nursing should not be confined only to neonatal clinical nurse specialist but be upgraded to neonatal nurse practitioner or nurse clinicians. We should aim for having more of nurse practitioners or nurse clinicians so that we could raise the standards of NICU care all over India.